Most website development companies cater almost exclusively to large (translated – deep pockets) businesses.  Their services tend to be outside of the scope of what a small business needs, and more importantly, outside the budget of what a small business can budget.  Unfortunately, that leaves those who could use a website the most with very few workable choices.

  • You can go without a website for a while but there are a host of reasons why this is a really bad idea for your business (covered in our post “Does my Business Really Need a Website”).

  • You can build your own website.  This can do you more harm than good.  There are facets to website design that, if addressed incorrectly, can actually hurt your business.

  • You can use a free online website builder.  In general, most customers can tell that it was a free generated website.  Although these services are better than they used to be, a lot of details is lost and you don’t have the control you need over many features.  Basically, it really looks like a “Free Website”, and this tells your customers that you are willing to cut corners.

  • You can go into debt with the website development company that’s going to charge you what may amount to several months with of profit for a site that you can’t afford to maintain.

Well, what are your workable choices?

  • That’s where Your Virtual Right Hand Website Development comes in.  Our specialty is building high quality websites for Small, Home-Based, and Start Up businesses.  We make use of the most up-to-date technologies to create eye catching websites that will tell your customers that you care about both your business and your customers!

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David is a Co-Founder of Website Development Experts and is the acting CTO. David authors much of the content of the site, as well as many of the articles.

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