What is “The Well Built Website”

There are a number of ways that potential customers find someone who they want to do a particular kind of business with. By far the best is a recommendation from someone who they know and trust. Word of mouth will almost always get a customer to come to you.

However, everyone doesn’t know someone in every industry so most of the business that’s waiting to be had comes from other kinds of searches on the customer’s part, some guesswork, and both good and bad luck.

In the old days people did their research using newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages. My father fought to get a business name starting with an ‘A’ so that he could be at the beginning of the Contractor listings in the phone book.

Although we don’t have to do things like that today, we still need to figure out better ways to gain exposure, because, face it, customer’s can’t come to you if they don’t know who you are. Presentation is EVERYTHING!

Enter the well built Website…

There are tools and companies everywhere to build yourself a website that range from free to exorbitant. They will all provide you with a website but only a well built website will give you a WEB PRESENCE.

A web presence goes far beyond just posting a colorful, attractive website. A website can say everything you want it to say and still not draw customers to you. Even when customers are able to find you, that doesn’t mean they’ll stay on your website long enough to decide in your favor. That’s where the Well Built Website paradigm comes in.

A well built website has certain characteristics.

  • It’s attractive
  • It has concise information that’s easy for the customer to analyze and take in
  • It promotes trust
  • It’s easy to navigate because, face it, if a customer has to work to find what they want on your website then that becomes their impression of you. They’ll just move on to the next guy.
  • Most importantly, though, the well built website is easy for your potential customers to find. It’s high-ranking in search results, both in online search engine searches and on social media, such as facebook.

Properly executed SEO gives you the best advantage over other businesses in making you a household name.

Every business has its customers, even if you don’t deal with the general public. Maybe your customers are other businesses, or government agencies, or advertisers. It doesn’t matter, everyone searches for a business to work with in the same way. First, ask people you know and trust and, second, go online and search.

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David is a Co-Founder of Website Development Experts and is the acting CTO. David authors much of the content of the site, as well as many of the articles.

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