G-Klemm Roofing

I first started roofing for my father in the late 1960’s. He was a contractor in the Wheaton area. He passed away far too early in 1976. At the time, I was not prepared to take over the business and spent the next 18 years working for numerous companies in the construction industry in the area. I spent many years in the flat roof union and worked with a wide variety of products. I also worked as a superintendent for a custom home builder in St. Charles. My last job as superintendent and foreman for a roofing company in Winfield was for a very demanding employer and I made the smart decision that I needed to stay married to my lovely wife as opposed to that job. At that time I decided now was the time to start my own business. The residential roofing industry was changing and the storm chasing business model was becoming the norm. These companies pop up after a storm and swamp the area with inexperienced “sales” people who try to use fear to convince homeowners that they have hail damage. The “damage” they find is usually normal wear and tear but when promised a free roof many homeowners find it hard to resist. Unfortunately a good number of these companies are not what they claim and it is not uncommon for them to tear-off a perfectly good roof and for the roof they put on to leak within a few years and the company is long gone.

The labor pool was also changing, becoming dominated by cheap foreign and out of town workers.

Over the years, the business has grown and we have become well known as a company that can solve problems where others attempts have failed. Today we have ten excellent employees and we also use a great sub crew.