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1 VOP Transportation

Transportation Services for Seniors

We recently has the great pleasure of working with the folks at VOP Transportation. VOP (Valuing Older People) is a private startup in Northwest Indiana with a great mission. They provide save, easily accessible, affordable, and reliable private transportation services to seniors in...

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6 Websites for Small Businesses

Most website development companies cater almost exclusively to large (translated – deep pockets) businesses.  Their services tend to be outside of the scope of what a small business needs, and more importantly, outside the budget of what a small business can budget.  Unfortunately, that leaves those who could use a website the most...

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13 Why do you need a website
When someone is researching your company to see if they want to do business with you...A website of your own projects who you are, exactly as you want to be seen. A website promotes accomplishment and trust....
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